Plain Yellow

Amerley is not your average teenager—well, she does love books and fashion and her boyfriend, Nikoi, but that is where the similarity ends.

   She's become a mother and a father to her three younger sisters, not that she minds because family means everything to Amerley.

   When financial constraints make her relocate to a plush neighbourhood in East Legon, she puts her own dreams aside in order to be a maid to make her family's life better.

   But how far should her self-sacrifice go? Doesn't her own life matter? Will she always put her family first even when it puts her own life at risk?

Perfectly Imperfect

Yayra Amenyo's life is no longer perfect and these are the reasons why:

1. She killed her father.

2. Her mother acts like everything is normal when it isn't.

3. Her boyfriend is on 'a break' with her.

4. She looks like a freak.

5. She's moved to a town far from anyone she knows.

6. She has to repeat Form Two in SHS.

   Could her life get any worse? Will she ever get her life to be as perfect as it once was?

Those Who Wait

Patience Acolatse is not amused when she learns that her ex-cousin, Rowena Quarshie, whom she hasn't spoken to in six years is going to move in with her family, share her room and attend her school.

    However, Patience has a big heart and she is prepared to befriend Rowena once again and pick up their friendship from where they left off.

    What she isn't prepared for is for her entire life to be turned upside down and inside out when Rowena gangs up with a group of girls and makes her life miserable.    

   What does Patience do when she runs out of patience?

When the Shackles Fall

Koku and his friends, Kakra and Panyin, spend a few days with his aunt in Keta and become involved in another dangerous adventure.

    On a deserted island, they ran into Tutsi, a brave young girl who has run away from her village, to escape an arranged marriage to the priest of a trokosi shrine.

    Join Koku and his friends as they rescue his aunt and sisters from the poachers and find a way to keep Tutsi from a life of servitude.

The Mystery of the Haunted House

What starts out as a boring holiday soon becomes an exciting adventure when Koku and his friends, Kakra and Panyin, become involved with a gang of kidnappers! 

A Gift for Fafa

Fafa has received the perfect gift for her birthday--a book on butterflies and she is extremely excited. But what happens when her baby sister rips the book up? 

 The Step-monster

Everyone knows stepmothers are bad, wicked and just plain evil. Buerki Puplampu cannot believe that her widowed father is getting remarried when her mother has not even been dead for long!

    She just knows that Naadu Nartey is wrong for her father. It isn't even because Naadu is bigger than a hippo or because she laughs like a cow or has hair on her face and chest like a cavewoman. She just knows.

    Some people call that feeling intuition, some call it superstition, some even say it's a gift. Call it what you want but Buerki's gut feelings have never failed her.

    She vows to do everything in her power to save her younger brother and herself from the fate she knows is awaiting them. They will not be maltreated or abused by this new woman. She will make sure of it.

To Kiss A Girl

What this book is not:

This book is not an instruction manual on how to kiss a girl. If that‛s the reason you picked this book up, please put it down now and move on to your next book.


What this book is:

This book is about how a teenage girl deals with death and dying.

Why do bad things happen to good people?

In the aftermath of her older sister’s death, Gyikua Ampofo loses faith in everything she ever believed in—God, a mother’s love, school and friends.

But then she meets Chidi Anukwe and as their friendship grows, she learns to trust again.

Mama's Amazing Cover Cloth

Do you know the African woman's cover cloth has many uses?

In this delightful book that children will enjoy, a little girl shares the many uses of her mother's amazing cover cloth.

Whatever It Takes

The story of Nayram Agbezudor, a girl who wants to stand as head prefect in an elite mixed secondary school, which has a history of only male head prefects.

 A Blast to the Past





Tani's Wish

Tani has only wish and that is to go to school but because of the cleft in her lip, she is not allowed into the school compound.

This book was written for the Ghana Cleft Foundation to help educate children with cleft lips and palates about their condition and to reduce the stigma associated with the condition.

To copies of the book, or to find out more about the Ghana Cleft Foundation or to sponsor cleft surgery for a child, please click on the link below.

Thank you for your support.

For any inquiries, please contact Ruby Yayra Goka:

 P. O. Box OD 302, Odorkor-Accra, Ghana-West Africa.

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